In the luxury watch workmanship, our works are among the most rare. Create a unique watch requires know-how, far of all industrial watches made in thousands copies. What could be more rewarding than having services of a watch designer and his team for creating your own custom timepiece.

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Limited edition of 50 pieces

The workshop Mikael BOURGEOIS, based in Morteau (FRANCE), in the heart of watchmaking valleys, cultivates in his creations the local tradition and the luxury craftsmanship

In freelance since the age of 22, following higher education in microtechnology , his talents of designer and technical engineer offered him the opportunity to work with more than 70 luxury watch brands in Switzerland.

Almost 20 years that Mikaël BOURGEOIS designs and develops high-end timepieces. A passion that drives him to create his own brand and  making unique pieces made to measure. After a few years , the workshop began producing limited editions.

Mikael BOURGEOIS and his workshop chose a craft watchmaking, customer proximity and high quality.