Our timepieces
, are unique watches, created on demand, according to your tastes and your desires.

No catalogs, no collections for our bespoke watches, they are the fruit of your desires.

Unique watches are a work of art, our workshop only produces a few watches per year.

This creation requires several months of work, from design to final assembly you can follow all the steps of the birth of your timepiece.

Every parts of your custom made watch is made in our workshops between France and Switzerland.

A unique and exclusive
design is created for each custom made watch.

According to your choices, your tastes and your desires, your unique watch will be the expression of yourself.

You will validate every details of your design, every shape, every color, every material.

Unique watches are a blend of art and craftsmanship.

The aesthetic is created , we need a technical study to manufacture every parts of your unique watch.

We work with an accuracy of a few microns, each component is defined in great detail .

Your bespoke watch is made of many luxurious and precise parts and we take care to manufacture each of them in a traditional way, in the best materials.

Hands, dial, movement, case, strap, all pieces will be manufactured and decorated to a single copy for your unique watch.  

The single character of your custom made watch, motivates us to manufacture a perfect object who will cross the generations.

After a few months of work, your  unique watch will be designed, developed, manufactured and assembled in the region of the world with the finest watchmaking expertise.

We work for clients around the world, and all our unique watches are maintained in our workshop. 

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